Vermont SR22 Insurance

Reader’s Question:

Would a conviction of DUI lead me to have SR22 insurance? How does this affect my auto insurance policy in Vermont?

Lt. Darwin Godspeed

Burlington, VT

How are you doing, Darwin?

I must say in most instances, you will get your DUI in or close to the county in which you reside. Try to check with Vermont law on DUI if you will be asked by the court to file an SR22 form because some states may not require you to file an SR22 certificate.

What can happen if you do not inform your insurance company about your DUI conviction your rates might remain as it is. However, if your insurance policy in Vermont lapses, then that’s the time you will have trouble with higher premium rates. Even if you are not required to file SR-22, your DUI conviction alone will affect your rates sooner or later.

I can not give you legal advice but I think it is the insurance company’s problem if they are unaware of DUI conviction and fail to raise your rates. In addition to that, I don’t think they can levy any previous penalties against you but they could very easily cancel your policy. If you will not notify your insurer though to avoid paying high premiums, you are taking a risk that might ultimately make it difficult for you to purchase insurance if they decide to cancel your policy.

Even if your auto insurance premium might dramatically increase due to your DUI, you still have a chance to lower it down by keeping a clean and safe driving record onwards.

Hope this helps you with your SR22 insurance rate quotes.

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